Co-Founder (f/m/x)

Ready to change your reality?
Starting a company is one of the most fun and intense things to do in life. Let’s embark on the journey together.

We’re calling for co-founders in the following areas:

  • SMB Tech (Marketing, payments, staffing, management software, financing, communications)

  • Marketplaces (B2B & B2C)

  • Messaging and conversational commerce

  • Software-as-a-service

  • DTC Brands

  • AI & machine learning applications

Your role
  • As Co-Founder, you are in full responsibility to set the company’s vision and execute it.

  • You will set strategic goals and also get your hands dirty in the trenches of the day-to-day.

  • You’ll hire and lead a team of A-players and be fully responsible for managing your part of the organization.

  • You will be responsible for fundraising and investor relations.

Your background & personality
  • You have experience in start-ups. Either you’ve started a company before (we love second- and third-time founders!) or have worked in a fast-paced start-up environment, preferably directly with founders.

  • You’re either a builder or a seller. A builder is responsible for crafting a world-class product. A seller is responsible for growth (through sales or marketing), fundraising, and hiring.

  • As a builder, you intelligently balance attention to detail with working 80/20.

  • As a seller, you’re a fantastic storyteller and gain people’s attention and trust through personality.

  • You’re highly driven and resilient

  • You have a positive, can-do personality

  • You’re highly intelligent, analytical, and a numbers-driven thinker

  • You don’t mind getting your hands dirty in mundane tasks

  • You have an insatiable thirst for learning, personal growth and are highly coachable.

  • You’re open-minded and assertive at the same time.

Our support
  • Fundraising support through our network of 150+ business angels and 50+ European VC funds. Your benefit: We know them, and they know us. We support you, from crafting a compelling storyline to drafting the perfect deck and nailing the pitch.

  • Strategy sparrings: Having been involved in countless venture projects, we recognize patterns. We will help you move in the right direction and focus on the right things. There’s nothing worse than executing flawlessly on the wrong priorities.

  • Building a strong advisory board: Getting the right people onboard inside and outside the company can make the biggest difference.

  • Hiring: We help you attracting A-players through the networks of thousands of people we’ve worked with in the past.

  • Day-to-day: From things like picking the right software to hiring the right freelancer or finding a new office, we support you with small things whenever we can. WhatsApp us 24/7.

Our values (they should resonate with you too!)
  • Zero politics, full transparency, and brutal honesty (it might hurt a little but in a good way!)

  • Build with purpose, not only for money

  • Unsatisfiable thirst for learning, strong coachability, and a growth mindset

  • 110% ownership and dedication

  • Don't take yourself too seriously (we don’t #lol)

  • Positive, easy-going personality (we don’t want to spend our lives with highly effective assholes)

  • Enjoy the process and have fun