who are these guys?
We’re serial entrepreneurs who found and fund tech start-ups.
We invest in technology companies at inception, (pre-)seed, and occasionally at Series A stage. We're not pure financial investors: Think of us more like entrepreneurial partners with money. Having started, scaled, and sold our own companies, we support you based on experience and not theory. #boostingbuilders #moneywithbenefits #berlinandbeyond

Feliks eyser

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Background: IT & Business
Marketing & Sales
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Teaching & Coaching
Metaphor Master
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Stefan Tietze

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Background: Product & Business
Product & Int. Fundraising
Special Skills
Scaling Unicorns
Make others excited
Speed Canoeing
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What's in it for you?
The smartest founders build the right support system.
With Jetpack, you'll win an entrepreneurial partner. The difference to VCs? We invest our own money and act quickly. The difference to traditional angel investors? We do this full-time and support you hands-on.

Entrepreneurship is ultimately rewarding but also tough as hell. On your journey to the summit of start-up-land we're your supporting guide. Having been there, we know the secret shortcuts and the paths to avoid. Traveling as a team makes the voyage safer, faster, and more joyful. Just like the Hobbits: They wouldn't have gotten anywhere alone! #tribalentrepreneurship #teamsport #thefellows

What we did so far
Here are some of the rockets we support on their journey.
35+ investments in Berlin, Europe, and the universe #rocketshiptounicorn

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